måndag, juni 07, 2010

reflects on my future self

if i ever were to be someone important,
someone that someone else might find important.
someone that the world found special,
then how would my life be like?

if i started to write, for real this time
maybe i would be someone special
maybe someone would find me important.
but i don't
i don't write, i don't photograph, i don't play the piano or the guitar
i don't live my life.

& the worst thing is that i don't know how one should do
to really live your own life.

the future, everyone has one, even if it's short
or if it takes another 50 years or so
everyone have a future.
& everyone have to plan it,
in to the very last detail...
nothing comes on impulse anymore
it's all about knowing what you should do, what you want to do
& when you're going to do it.

i want to become a doctor, a writer, a shrink, an artist, someones mother, a lover or just...
someone that is important.
i want to start living my life before it's to late

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