söndag, juli 25, 2010

remember me when you fall of this carousel

for some reason nothing works right on this computer
& it takes forever to upload pictures, so you just get two.

anyways, i got home from a weekend spent on a sailing boat
for like three hours ago.
it was really nice, even if i made an not so awesome discovery...
i'm so freakin' seasick that i just can belive i actually survived.
anyways, we sailed across the seven seas or, just outside the coast
of Sweden, appearently there are dolphines in that part of the ocean
i didn't see one though, but my fathers friends wife saw two
i also did some shoppin' & got splashed with saltwater
when the boat almost lied down in the water today
because all of the waves.

still, i had much fun, everytime we made it to a harbour that is.

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